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Nitronic Rush is a superior racing game.Published by DigiPen.Nitronic Rush was first released in November 11,2011.


Nitronic Rush has a lot of Space Universe that you can drive from.From Story to Arcade Missions.To alot of rampages ofcourse.There's a boost meter that you have to watch or the car will blow up.You can fly but it also has a meter.The wings can be used to fly with it.Nitronic Rush also had a Game Award at 2011.It also has two types of cars:Interceptor and Avenger.There are also two types to play:Story Mode and Arcade Mode.In the Story Mode you can play the whole Story.In the Arcade Mode there are the Story Levels,Hardcore Levels,Challenge Levels,Stuntmode Levels and Old Levels.



Nitronic Rush Gameplay.


Nitronic Rush Logo.

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